•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-7 ~ (July-2020)
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    01. Fleet Tracking and Monitoring System in Production Industries using Nova Tracker
    02. Effect of hot and cold deformation of a maraging steel C300 on the transformation kinetics from dilatometric curves
    03. Headroom Based Analysis For Placement Of Distributed Generation (Dg) In A Power Substation
    04. Minimization of Fatigue in TIG Welding Of Mild Steel Using Artificial Intelligence
    05. BIM with Lean principle Assist to Increase Product Efficiency and Waste Reduction in Cambodia
    06. COVID-19 X-ray Image Retrieval Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
    07. Development Of Self-Induced Fuel-Less Generating Set For Sustainable Power Supply In Nigeria Using Local Available Materials
    08. Development of a High-Efficiency Crucible Furnace for Melting 30kg Non-Ferrous Metal Scraps
    09. A Peridynamics Implements Finite Element Methodwith Truss element in Rectangle Bond (PDIFEMTRB) Captures Wood Section Fracture
    10. Numerical Analysis on Shear Behaviors of RCbeams Reinforced with SMA Bars Using ETS Method
    11. Origin of Laws of Motion (Newton's Law): An Introspective Study
    12. Effect of Carbonation on the Permeation Properties of Laterized Concrete
    13. Environmental efficiency analysis of India's regional industry: a data envelopment analysis (DEA) based approach
    14. Analysis of Satisfaction of Bbpjn Xi Banjarmasin on Supervisory Consultant Performance in Project Work Construction Bridge in South Kalimantan
    15. Design and Production of Combat Boot Soles for Military Applications
    16. Abrasive Processing Steel in Aqueous Binary Compositions Polyelectrolyte-oligomer
    17. Effect of Stirrups Shape and Branches on The Behaviour of Rectangular RC Columns
    18. Supporting e-Participation in Rural Areas: the Greek Case
    19. DNA Elasticity at Different Architecture