•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-6 ~ (June-2020)
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    01. Hydro-Thermal Optimal Power Flow Analysis of the 34-Bus Nigerian power Network
    02. Geometrical Parameters Measurement across River Asa, Ilorin North Central Nigeria
    03. Correlation of Photovoltaic Generated Voltage with Ambient and Cell Surface Temperatures
    04. Effect of Steel Slag on Engineering Properties of Lateritic Soil
    05. Educational Technology in the Corona virus time: challenges and opportunities
    06. Influence of the dressing feed rate on the roughness and roundness error of the workpiece surface in the SCM400 steel centerless grinding process
    07. Solution of Poisson Equation with Mixed Boundary Conditions in Irregular Domain
    08. Siting of Nuclear Power Plant
    09. Determination of Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Energy Potential of Municipal Solid Wastes from ABA Dumpsites, ABIA State, Nigeria
    10. Assessment Of Groundwater Quality In Panteka, Tudun Nupawa, Kaduna South,Kaduna State, Nigeria
    11. Characterization of Brick Made From Sewage Sludge of Water Treatment Installation 2 Pdam Bandarmasih as a Construction Material
    12. Numerical Assessment of Temperature Distribution in the Orthotropic Steel Deck and Main Truss of a Rail-cum-road Bridge
    13. Study Of Bioethanol Heating As Fuel For Machine Performance
    14. Determination and Removal of Hardness of water in Water samples from Bultumari ward in Gashua and Hausari ward in Nguru, Yobe State of Nigeria
    15. Evaluation of Overcurrent Protection Devicesfor Electric Motor in the Underground Mine Company XYZ Indonesia
    16. Effect of Rice Husk Ash on the Compressive Strength and Permeation Resistance of Concrete
    17. Parameter Evaluation of Spark Ignition Engine Using Artificial Neural Network
    18. SEcafé: An expert system to support producers of quality coffee
    19. Asian Rainbow Put Option Pricing Determination based on Fractional Brownian Motion using Geometric and Arithmetic Averages
    20. Modeling of Antigravity Force on the base of Expanded Field Theory
    21. Pre-Fabricated Gable Frame Design in High Snow Regions- Comparison of LRFD and ASD
    22. Production of Ceiling Board Using Bio Composite of Arachis Hypogaea and Eleas Guinessis Waste with Amylum As Adhesive
    23. Increasing the Transient Stability of Benin Bus in the Nigerian 330kv Transmission System Using Proportional Integral Based VSC-HVDC Method
    24. Artificial Intelligience in the Transition to Circular Economy
    25. Physico-Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Bioresin from Mango (Mangifera Indica) Kernel Oil
    26. Energy Parameters of Dark Electric Current in Liquid
    27. The Influence of Cryogenic Cooling on Surface Roughness in Machining of AL Alloy AA 6082
    28. Performance Evaluation of Stone Mastic Asphalt Containing Palm Kernel and Coconut Shells and their Ashes
    29. Power System Stability Studies for Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company Network