•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-2 ~ (February-2020)
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    01. Tariff-worthiness Model of Electric Power Systems Based on Technoeconomics and Hedonic Heuristics
    02. Hydrogen Production Using Renewable Energy
    03. Characterization of an electoral process through a multifractal distribution
    04. Comparative Analysis of Locally Refined Petroleum Product (Diesel) In Niger Delta Region, Nigeria
    05. Thermodynamics and quantum superconductivity
    06. Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Smart Home Surveillance and Security System
    07. Deciding the Best Machine Learning Algorithm for Customer Attrition Prediction for a Telecommunication Company
    08. Housing Development Optimizition (Case Study: Anugerah Dian Regency In Kabupaten Banjar)
    09. Iot Based Low-Cost System For Monitoring Water Quality Of Karnaphuli River To Save The Ecosystem In Real-Time Environment
    10. Evaluation Of Efficiency Reducing Factors In Power Transformers Winding Insulation
    11. Threshold-Constraint Andswarm Intelligence-Based Load Flow Analysis For Steady State Stability Studies Of The Nigerian 132- Kv Power Transmission Network
    12. The Effect Of Abrasion's Value And Cbr Of Class A's Aggregate Foundation's Layer (Lpa) On Bina Marga's 2018 Specification's Curves