•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-10 ~ (October-2020)
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    01. Comparative study of Ship Response in Long and Short crested seas in Offshore West Africa
    02. Use of Composite Biomass Briquettes as Cleaner Energy Source
    03. Power estimation for four wheeled skid steered robot prototype
    04. Challenges of Planning with Large Share of Heavy Steel Industry Load in Power System of Bangladesh and Tentative Solutions
    05. The Willingness To Pay Progressive Parking Rates In Controlling Parkingat Q Mall Banjarbaru
    06. Regional Variation in Steel Gable Construction
    07. The Impact of Time on the Properties of Cement-Stabilised Soil Intended for Use as Bottom Liner in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
    08. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) detection from frontal chest X-ray images using deep convolutional neural network
    09. Simulation and Performance Indices Analysis of Solar Assist Plug-in Electric Tractor
    10. Design and Construction of Aqua Silencer
    11. Study on Labor migration in Apparel industry
    12. Numerical Simulation of Submarine's Thermal Wake Flow Field under Multi Layered Models
    13. Artificial Intelligence techniques for predicting the Critical Properties of Oil
    14. Energy Efficiency for A Plug-In Electric Vehicle with Multiple Motorsand Hybrid Energy Storage System
    15. Analysis of the Need for a Standardized Involuntary Anti- Decupling Device for Sliding Suspension Trailers
    16. Enhanced photoluminescence properties of Eu3+ doped different phosphate glasses for red-orange light emission applications
    17. The Design of a Natural Science Laboratory for Elementary School BasedAccessibility on Behavioral Architecture Concepts
    18. Chemical Control of Aerobic Bacteria Causing Biodegradation of Oil Emulsion