•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-9 ~ (September-2020)
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    01. Physics in Ancient India: An Introspective Study
    02. Parametric Optimization of TIG Welding Influence On Tensile Strength of Dissimilar Metals SS-304 And Low Carbon Steel by Using Taguchi Approach
    03. Generation and suppression of Harmonics in ac system networks
    04. A Novel Procedure for Selecting Optimum Dosage and Coagulantactivity of Protein Extract from Stored Moringa Oleifera Seed
    05. About Electrical Resistance in Weakly Conducting Homogeneous Media
    06. Securing Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Transaction Using Biometric Fingerprint
    07. Quinquinomial Power Laws of Motion of Cam Mechanisms
    08. Hyperbolastic Models to Describe Yeast Growth Curves in Batch Ethanol Fermentation
    09. The influence of fire temperatures on cement composites
    10. Memory-like Map Decay for Autonomous Vehicles based on Grid Maps
    11. An Improvement of Transportation Service Quality By Using Quality Function Deployment Method(Case Study of Mikrolet Public Transportation in Palangkaraya)
    12. Plume Mantle Model, Seısmogeodynamıc Sıtuatıon And Hydrocarbon Perspectıves Of Deep Layers In The Caspıan Basın
    13. Durability Performance of Processed Coconut Shell Ash (Local Stabilizer) and Model Prediction of CBR and UCS Values of Ntak Clayey Soils in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
    14. Fixed Capacitor Thyristor -Controlled Reactor (TCR) Static Var Compensator (SVC)
    15. Passıve Fılter Desıgn And Applıcatıon For Reducıng Harmonıcs
    16. Electrocardıography Devıce Desıgn And Applıcatıon