•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-8 ~ (August-2020)
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    01. Study on the Mechanical Properties of Ecological Engineeredcementitious Composite (ECO-ECC) Which Contained PVA Fiber and recycled Brick Powder Exposed To Low Temperature.
    02. Design and Control of a hybrid 2-DOF Balancing Table System
    03. Problem Management Process for It Services
    04. Reinforcement Efficiency of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics on Concrete T-beam Bridge
    05. Governança Corporativa Na Instituição Financeira Bradesco
    06. Biogas and Humic Biofertilizer Production from Biphasic Anaerobic Digestion of Fruit and Vegetable Waste with Lignocellulosic Packing
    07. The Photovoltaic and Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods
    08. Modelling the Performance of a Roasting Machine
    09. Liquid Waste Utilization of Coconut Flour Industry at PT. Royal Coconut Airmadidi asan Alternative Fuel
    10. Evaluation of Project Management on Successful Construction Project Delivery in the Nigerian Construction Industry
    11. Vibration Analysis and Suppression of Flexible Rotor Systems using a 3-Way Viscoelastic Bearing
    12. Business Enterprise System for ERP on Large and Medium Enterprise
    13. Determination of CMC and interfacial properties of anionic (SDS) and cationic (CPB) surfactants in aqueous solutions
    14. Cylindrical Shape Bin Packing Problem with Cartesian Coordinate System
    15. Investigation Into The Causes Of Solar Street Lights Failure In Nigeria
    16. Analysis of Community Satisfaction on The Performance of Green Open Area Facilities (Case Study: Religius Park And River Edge Park In Addition To Cattle Bridges In Kasongan)
    17. Distributed Energy System Automation Using Distributed Intelligence for Power Quality Supply
    18. Comparative Analysis of Hamming and Kaiser Window Technique for SIRF Based WiMax system
    19. Analysis of the Effects of Linear Distance on Signal Strength, Signal Attenuation and Refractivity of Two Radio Stations in Yola, Nigeria
    20. Developing Decision Support System to Optimize the Delivery System, Tendering Method, and Type of Contract
    21. A Comparative Study of Nonlinear Dynamics of a Quarter-Car Model Excited by Three Types of Humps/Bumps used in Ghana
    22. Modal Analysis of Braced and Unbraced Steel Frames
    23. Assessment of Communication Metrics for Smart Grid in Developing Countries