•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-5 ~ (May-2020)
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    01. Modeling Gas Viscosity of High Pressure High Temperature conditions Using Artificial Neural Network
    02. Determination of the Optimum Vapor Attack Angle on the Third Stage Blade of the Low Pressure Steam Turbine and Studying its Effect on the Output with Computer
    03. Database creation for modeling and simulation of biodiesel production from predict methods of thermo physical properties
    04. Analysis of Factors Influencing Flooding and Vulnerability Asssessment of Awka and Its Environs
    05. Recycled Metal Characterization of Printed Circuit Boards
    06. Promoting Urban Mobility: Bus Crutch Support Project
    07. Analysis of the Deformations Recorded in the Extreme Geographical Administrative – Territorial Units of Romania Using the National 1970 Stereographic Projection System
    08. An Improved Cloud-Firewall Model for Detecting and Preventing Data Leakage on Email Platforms
    10. An Enhanced Model for Detecting and Interpreting Examination Impersonators' Handwriting in Nigerian Universities using Convolutional Neural Networks
    11. Reducing Fault Response Time of Power supply Distribution in Developing Nation
    12. Mechanics of Organometallic Surface Adsorptivity Using EIS and Correlative Data Mining Method
    13. Comparison of LRFD and ASD for Pre-Fabricated Gable Frame Design
    14. Analysis of the Surface Coating on 22mnb5 Steel in Hot Stamping Process
    15. Development of a Disuse Water Sachet Lacerating Machine; a Fibre Source for Cement Composite Production
    16. Research on Structure Analysis and Design Optimization of Lamella-Kiewitt Suspend-Dome
    17. Named Entity Recognition in Vietnamese documents based on CRF
    18. Design Thinking methodology. A Case Study: Recycling of PET Bottles
    19. Torrefaction of wheat straw