•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-4 ~ (April-2020)
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    01. Mix Model Formulation for TPH Prediction during Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils
    02. The Pattern of Inhabiting the Community in Malang Rental Apartments
    03. Comparative Characteristics of Filtration Methods in the Processing of Medical Images
    04. Effect of OPC-SAW Dust Ash Composite on the Compressive Strength of Concrete under Prolonged Curing
    05. Examination of Feature Selection Methods and an Application
    06. An Overview on the Issuesof Grid-Connected DFIG Wind Turbines: Analysis,Grid Codes and Improved LVRTMethods
    07. Influence of Long – Term Aging on Mechanical Properties of Nano clay Modified Asphalt Mixtures
    08. Sensorless Proposed Multi Sector Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Tracking For 1.5 MW Based On DFIG
    09. Static VAR Compensator Based Voltage Control of Stand Alone Self Excited Induction Generator
    10. Design criteria for Streets around stations through Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
    11. Characterization of Unsaturated Shrink-Swell soils properties, and Factors Affecting Swelling Behaviour of Expansive soils in Egypt.
    12. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Airfoil Performance in a Wind Tunnel
    13. Comparative Analysis of Drilling Rate of Penetration Models
    14. On the Total Energy Efficiency for Multipoint Cooperative Communication of Massive MIMO
    15. Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Massive MIMO Cellular Systems
    16. Nonlinear Regression Models and Measures of Nonlinearity: An Overview
    17. Multi-objective Optimization of the Voltage Static Stability Margin of a Distribution Network by Genetic Algorithms
    18. Synthesis of Natural Hydroxyapatite from Fish Scales and Its Potential Application as Fillers in Dental Composites
    19. Modified Contact Constraints in Sphere-Based 3-D DDA
    20. The Impact of Organisational Culture and Structural Empowerment on Participation of Autonomous Maintenance within Power Utilities
    21. Anthocyanin Content and Chemical Composition of Kolang-Kaling Jam Added With Tamarillo Fruit (Cyphomandra Betacea)
    22. Application of Tafel extrapolation when testing the effects of eco-inhibitor Mimosa tannin and Pectin C on St 37-4 in acidic medium 3.5% HCL
    23. Comparatıve Analysıs Of Heat Sınk Performance Usıng Dıfferent Materıals
    24. Research on the Comfort of Swing Motion on Semi-submersible Accommodation Platform
    25. Modelling and simulation of AlGaAs/GaAs solar cell
    26. Land and Building Asset Management for State Middle Schools in Banjarmasin City
    27. Characterization and Adsorptive Performance of Hen Feather and Eggshell as Non-Convectional Low-Cost Sorbents
    28. Study on The Effectiveness of Calcined Lateritic Soil as A Mineral Admixture in Normal Weight Concrete
    29. A Generality of Mathematical Thought by Carl Friedrich Gauss through his contributions to science
    30. Investigation of the Treatment and Radiation Effects on Oscillatory Blood Flow through a Stenosed Artery
    31. An Enhanced Dinning Philosophers' Model for Deadlock Situation Awareness using Windows 7 Platform