•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-3 ~ (March-2020)
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    01. Blade Element Momentum Theory for Wind Turbine Blade Design
    02. Strengthening of Concrete Columns under Axial Loading Condition with FRP
    03. Real-Time 3D Image Reconstruction of Urban Underground Water Pipeline Network: A Review
    04. A Review of Facial Detection and Recognition Techniques
    05. Experimental Study on Two-Layer Reinforced Concrete Beam with One Layer of Clam-Shell Aggregate Concrete
    06. Simulation of Effective Power Provision Using Solar Photovoltaic Cells for Essential Load
    07. Enhancing Information Security in Android Smart Devices Implementing Steganography and AES to Hide Secret Messages inside an Image
    08. Managing Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Using Bayesian Theory and Probabilistic Reasoning
    09. An Experimental and Numerical Study of Asphaltene-Induced Formation Damage during CO2 Miscible Flooding
    10. Evaluation of the flange rigidity index J - versus the k - factor approach for large diameter integral type shell girth flanges
    11. Analysis of Changes in Overpass Bridge Project Contract (Case study Bridge Overpass at Kilometer 54 + 050 Marabahan- Margasari Road)
    12. Interface Strength Parameters Analysis Between Palang karaya Sands and Geotextile
    13. Swelling - Shrinkage Potential Reduction of Expansive Soils Stabilized with Irvinga Gabonesis Fibre
    14. Characterization Performance of Composite Stabilizer Materials on Soft Clay Soils Modification for Highway Pavement
    15. Multipurpose Rechargeable Battery Module
    16. Development Analysis of Remote Indigenous Community Settlement in South Borneo
    17. Geodesic angle and technology
    18. Stability Analysis of Slopes Based on Limit Equilibrium and Finite Element Methods for Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project, Pakistan- Case Study
    19. The Effect of Particle Distribution on Permeability of the Base Coarse Class A
    20. Improved Performance Analysis of PAL Television Error Value Correction using Inverse Matrix Generator Model
    21. A new scheme to reduce PAPR of the OFDM system combining Hann Peak Windowing and Single Pooling method
    22. Hardware Based Internet-Of-Things Security Architecture For Communication Between Machines
    23. Wear behaviour of Al6063 Alloy Based Reinforced with Graphite-Rice Husk Ash-Copper Nanopaticles
    24. Hardware Based Internet-of-Things Security Architecture For Communication Between Machines
    25. Evaluation of Network Reliability Investments Costs and Resultant Electricity Pricing in Nigeria
    26. Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity: the use of gamification as a strategy in mobile development in Brazil
    27. Control System Design of Linear QuadraticProportional-Integral- Plus (LQ-PIP)Controller for MIMOSystems
    28. Multi-objective topological reconfiguration of a Low Voltage electrical distribution network by optimal repositioning of MV / LV multi-transformers using Elitist Algorithms of the NSGA-II type
    29. Application of Nature Inspired Search Based Optimization Techniques in a Restructured Electric Power System; a Review
    30. Effect of Kastamonu Red Clay Addition on Color Properties of Ceramic Engobes
    31. Evaluation of Failure and Success Factors for Information System Security Management
    32. Combustion Profiles of Fuel Briquettes Produced from Alkali Treated and Untreated Sugarcane Bagasse
    33. Effects of Power Distribution Feeder Monitoring and Service Restoration through Cloud Computing on System Efficiency Improvement
    34. Characterization Of Locally Refined Dual Purposekerosene(DPK) In The Niger Delta, Nigeria
    35. Review on Tsunami Wave Propagation and Their Interaction with Structures
    36. Effects of Binder Ratio on the Combustion Profile of Bambara Nut Shell Briquettes
    37. Review of Buffer Approach to Compensate Unknown Nozzle Loads
    38. Strength Relationship of Metakaolin Blended Laterite Rock Concrete
    39. In vitro digestibility of Echinochloa crus pavonis, Pennisetum purpureum and Tripsacumlaxum in dry season in southeastern Gabon
    40. Structural and Stratigraphic Mapping of "Patty" Field, Onshore Niger Delta, Nigeria.
    41. Aerobic Composting of Cow Dung with Rice Straw Biomass
    42. Predict the Crude Oil Density, Gas Specific Gravity and Molecular WeightUsing Artificial Intelligence
    43. Study of Application of Safety and Health Work in the Implementation of Construction Project Work