•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-11 ~ (November-2020)
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    01. Analysis of Operating System: Android
    02. The Impact of Unplanned Outages on Power Lines Due To Vegetation Encroachment
    03. Adaptive Learning Model Building Method
    04. Time and Temperature Variations of Dark Electric Current in Liquid
    05. Penalty Method for a Non Linear Coupled System
    06. Complementary Roll Motion Control of a Moored FPSO in Deepwater West Africa
    07. Titanium Dioxide Thin Films Deposited By Pyrolytic Spray And Their Structural And Electrical Characterization
    08. Group Tour Management System using LBS-Based Path Deviation Detection
    09. Forced and Rotary Convection around a Cone of Revolution
    10. Investigation of Red mud, Rice Husk and Anthillbased Geopolymercomposite for Engineering applications
    11. Proposal of Verification Experiment in Outer Space: Phenomenon of Anomalous Weight Reduction on A Gyroscope's Right Rotations
    12. Powder Metal Composite-Hybrid Material: A Study on Microstructure and Hardness Property
    13. Effect of Buoyancy Section Diameter of Deepwater Steel Lazy wave Riser (SLWR) on VIV fatigue
    14. Through-Tubing Water Shut-Off and Recompletions Utilizing Coiled Tubing Cement Packer Placement Technique
    15. Effect of Significant Wave Height on the Concrete Coat Thickness of Submarine Pipeline in Shallow Water
    16. Study on barrier-free liquid crystal display device in considertion ofthe elderly visual environment
    17. Study on the Temperature Distribution of the Mold Cavity With The Air Heating Method
    18. Effect of Different Loads on Fatigue Strength of 1040 Steel Materials After Design and Manufacturing of Rotating-Bending Fatigue Test Device