•  Certificates: Volume-9 ~ Issue-1 ~ (January-2020)
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    01. The Influence of Sports Socks Structures on Its Functional Properties
    02. The Epr-Argument and the Quantization of energy in the energy- Caves
    03. Preference Moda Choice Of Passenger Between The Highway And The Steel Road By Using Binary Logistic Regression (A Case Study on Surabaya-Yogyakarta Public Transportation)
    04. Influence of Chemical Composition Variation and Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 6xxx Alloys
    05. Effective Management of Wastewater Treatment Plant to Reduce the Effect of Effluent on Location Soil
    06. Analysis of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Network in Port Harcourt under Different Loading Conditions Using Erlang - B Techniques
    07. Evaluation of Network Reliability Investments Costs
    08. Cloud Computing Accessibility Evaluation Tool: a tool for assessing level of ICT Integration in Education
    09. Chitosan films formulated with mintand lemongrass extracts
    10. An Enhanced 60 Amps Single-Phase Automatic Power Change- Over Switch System
    11. SWOT Analysis for Public–Private Partnership Implementation in Egypt
    12. Assessment of the Flow-Induced Corrosion Behaviour of Welded Low Alloy Steel in Seawater Environment
    13. The Effectiveness of Two-Layer Reinforced Concrete Beam with Different Grades of Concrete
    14. Deep Learning with a particular focus on Architectures, Application and Recent Trends
    15. Vegetable Disease Control Problem Discussion
    16. Study on the Effect of Energy Losses on Diesel Power Plant Efficiency (Case Study at Diesel Power Plant at Human Resources Development Center for Electricity, New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation)
    17. Early identification of lowest responsive bid in competitive bidding process of construction projects
    18. Performance Analysis Of Management Consultancy Tasks In A National Road Agency In Indonesia
    19. A New Approach for Evaluation of Water Reuse Opportunities in a Brazilian Thermoelectric Power Plant using the Water Sources Diagram Method
    20. Effect of Particle sizes on Percentage yield and fuel Property Characterization of Bio-Ethanol Derived from Cadaba Farinosa Forskk Shrub in Northern Nigeria
    21. The influence of the brittleness index on fibrous normal strength concrete beams under pure torsion
    22. Reliability and Fault Analysis of Electrical Distribution System: A Case Study of Kafanchan Distribution Substation in Kaduna State, Nigeria
    23. The Use of Supervised Learning Neural Network to Approximate Missing Data in Database
    24. Optimisation of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) For A Refinery Centrifugal Gas Compressor (14k01)
    25. The Acceptance, Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Kolang-Kaling (Arenga pinata) and Mulberry Fruit (Morus nigra L.) Jam Sheet
    26. Improvement of Circular Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna Performances Using Triangular and Pentagonal Shaped Patches
    27. AC Mains Harmonics Compensation Approach by Passive Multipulse AC-DC Converter
    28. The Influence of Austenitizing Temperature and Austempering Time on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Alloyed Austempered Ductile Cast Iron
    29. Design of an Intelligent Warehouse Transportation System
    30. Qualitative determination of an amide of unknown fragmentation pattern using Gas Chromatography – MassSpectrometry
    31. Optimal Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution Systems Using Grasshopper Optimization for Power Loss and Energy Cost Minimization
    32. Experimental Assessment of Performance And Emissions For Diesel Engine Powered With Biodiesel And HHO
    33. A Novel Geographic Information System –Decision Supporting System Siting Model for Wind Farms Industry in Egypt
    34. Syngas Production from Biomass Using Gasification Process: An Experimental Studyfor Diesel Engine
    35. Solar Stills Performance and Productivity Enhancement Methods – A detailed Review
    36. Heat Transfer By Ionic Nanofluids In The presence of magnetic field Via Finite Volume Method
    37. Effect of Swirling Flow on Recirculation Ratio and Mixing in a Flameless Combustor
    38. Humidity Control Using Liquid Desiccant system driven by Solar Energy
    39. Desalination via Waste Heat Recovery from Diesel Engine
    40. Mixture Quality Controlling In DISI Engine Fuelled with Methane
    41. Improving Adsorption Capacity of Activated Carbon for Cooling Applications
    42. Effect of Sr2+doping on the structural and dielectric properties ofBaTiO3 lead free piezoelectric ceramics
    43. Integral Sliding Mode Controller for Grid-Tie Wind-Energy Conversion System Based PMSG
    44. Gold-Platinum Binary Nanocatalysts for Enhanced Ethylene Glycol E0lectro-oxidation
    45. A simple New Developed Model for Forecasting the Solar Radiation in Egypt