•  Certificates: Volume-8 ~ Issue-9 ~ (September-2019)
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    01. Dynamic Analysis of a Flexible Riser in Shallow Water
    02. The Effect of Carica Papaya Leaf Extract Addition on the Corrosion of the Magnetized Mild Steel in Hcl Solution
    03. Balanced Capacitor Self Excited Braking Of A Polyphase Induction Motor
    04. Assessments of Loads on Break Specific Fuel Consumptions and Thermal Efficiencies
    05. Adsorptive removal of crystal violet using agricultural waste: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
    06. Water Balance and High Levels of Water Channel in Belanti I Tidal Irrigation Swamp Central Kalimantan Province
    07. Canal Blocking Design as an Effort to Restore Peatlands in East Barito Regency
    08. Analysis of Alternative Development Bridge in Banjarmasin City
    09. Physicochemical treatment of sewage water of a public drain trhough a pump and recirculation filtration system using a filter bag as a filter mean
    10. Development of Hybrid Particle Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Metal Matrix Composite for the Production of Brake Disc
    11. Influence of different types of Cement & mitigating effect of Pozzolonic materials & Lithium based salt in ASR of Concrete
    12. Kuala Kapuas City Solid Waste Management Strategy
    13. The influence of the brittleness index on fibrous normal strength concrete beams under pure torsion
    14. An investigation on frost resistance and pore structure of alkali-activated slag concrete