•  Certificates: Volume-8 ~ Issue-12 ~ (December-2019)
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    01. Kinematics and Compliance Correlation between a Multibody Model and Anexperimental Vehicle to a Center Of Excellence in Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
    02. Reflections on the forms of socio-political organizations in precolonial Africa
    03. Prediction of Dew Point Pressure for Gas Condensate Reservoirs Using Artificial Neural Network in the Niger Delta
    04. A Comparative Analysis of Decylamine and Phenol in Water-In- Oil Emulsion Demulsification Process
    05. The Use of Renewable Energy as an Alternative Power Supply to New Faculty of Management Science Building Rivers State University, Port Harcourt Nigeria
    06. Computerization of Gas Turbine Performance Using Gas Path Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
    07. Network Development of Clean Water Distribution of Palangka Raya City by Constructed the New Intake in Tumbang Rungan
    08. A Proposed Model for Determining a Level of Corruptionin Nigeria Using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference Frawework
    09. Photocatalytic Degradation of Pyrimethanil by the Two Commercial Catalysts under Artificial Irradiation
    10. Adsorption of Selected Heavy Metals Using Agricultural Waste: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
    11. Development of Environmentally Friendly Oil Based Mud Using Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Groundnut Oil
    12. Beneficial Use of Class N Pozzolana on Some Geotechnical Engineering Properties of Black Cotton Soil for Construction of Flexible Pavement
    13. A Study on Language Processing Policies in Compiler Design
    14. Study of Al Degrader to Optimize Muonium Production from Silica Aerogel Target at J-PARC/MUSE
    15. NR-12 Considerations and its Importance in Prevention of Work Accidents
    16. Surety Bond Underwriting Process with Scoring Techniques
    17. The influence of external factors in the process of learning at the secondary level
    18. Analysis of Insulators for Distribution and Transmision Networks
    19. A Binomial Approach for Redefining Risk Assessments of Latent Hostile Hazards
    20. Development Of Dosage Methodology For Mortar To Plaster
    21. Comparative Performance Study of Floating Caliber Ventilated Disc Brake and Fixed Caliber Solid Disc Brake
    22. Analysis of Heat Transfer on the Heat Exchanger of Furnace Boiler Circulating Fluidizing Bed in the Power Plant
    23. Deep learning introduction and visualization
    24. The Influence of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness When Milling C45 Steel Using PVD-Coated Insert
    25. Design and Fabrication of a Motorized Oil Palm Fruit Rotary Digester Machine