•  Certificates: Volume-8 ~ Issue-11 ~ (November-2019)
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    01. Development of a Software to Cam Follower Projects
    02. Evaluation Of Community Perception And Expectationsin Implementing Operation And Maintenanceto Increase Agricultural Productionin Swamp Irrigation Area (Sia) Of Anjir Serapat II
    03. Improving Model Predictive Power by Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data: A Case Study of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
    04. Evaluation of the Voltage Profile of Port Harcourt 33kv Power Distribution System
    05. Qualitative Study of the Pre-Treatment Stage in Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass
    06. Second Generation Ethanol: Production Process and Environmental Aspects
    07. Developing ℝ𝟑 Analityc Geometry Module By Using Problem- Based Learning Strategy for Education Mathematic' s Students
    08. Comparative research into the load-bearing capacity of horizontal pressure vessels supported by saddles
    09. Design Calculations of the TXY Data and drawing of the Equilibrium Curve (X-Y) Diagram of a Binary Distillation Column using Excel
    10. An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Clayey Soil Mixed with Tiles Particles
    11. Chronoanalysis System: Application in the Production Process of a Pilates Equipment Factory and Their Benefits
    12. Performance Analysis of Humanitarian Logistics: A Case Study of Children with Microcephaly
    13. Concrete technology ForRegular buildings and nuclear power stations
    14. Diagnosis of Impacts Caused by NR - 12 Adequacy in Permanent Access Media: A Case Study in an Animal Flour Industry
    15. Matlab Aided Modelling of Linear Motion of an Offshore Spar Truss Platform
    16. Analysis of Characteristic and Parking Demand (A Case Study: New Makassar Mall)