•  Certificates: Volume-8 ~ Issue-10 ~ (October-2019)
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    01. Developing A Cheaper and More Efficient Solar Heating Swimming Pool Project: A case study
    02. Determination of Embankment Minimum Elevation in Teluk Sampit Irrigation Wetland Area
    03. Prediction of surface roughness in turning of 40Cr steel
    04. Comparative Analysis of the Structural Dimensioning Of a Reservoir through a Computational Software and Manual Calculation
    05. Influence of Packaging Cullet Size on Synterized Properties Produced From Clay Used In the Ceramic Industry
    06. A Compact Design And Analysies Of A Fractal Microstrip Antenna For Ultra Wideband Applications
    07. Vegetation Arrangement Evaluation of Microclimate in Urban Public Open Space
    08. A Case Study of Return on Investment in Wafer-Ring Multi-sites Test Handler for the Semiconductor Industry Paper
    09. Optimization the Cutting Parameters when Grinding SKD11 Steel using CBN Grinding Wheel
    10. Evaluation of the use of polyurethane residue aggregated to the plaster of civil construction
    11. The German Automotive Industry as a Driving Force for Innovation
    12. Significance of Biodrying Reactor Design to Organic Waste Treatment as Energy Source: A Case of Banana Peel Waste
    13. The Haseki Hürrem Sultan Complex Layout characteristics Of The complexin Thecontext Of Historicalsources
    14. Optimizing Planting Patterns in Sei Seluang Wetland Irrigation Area Barito Kuala Regency
    15. Bond Strength Characteristics of Reinforcements Embedded in Reinforced Concrete Structures in Corrosive Marine Environment
    16. Corrosion Influence on Mechanical Properties of Corroded and Inhibited Steel Bars in Concrete with Applied Currents Potential Measurement
    17. Influence of Foundation's Modulus of Elasticity on Stress Analysis in a Gravity Dam
    18. A Virtual Environment to Motivate Children's Handgrip
    19. Cloud Computing Security Challenges and its Potential Solution
    20. Optimizing the Availability of Water for Planting Area in Wetland Irrigation Area Kumpai Batu-Tanjung Terantang in Kotawaringin Barat Regency
    21. Bioiesel Washing For Acceptable Quality Standard
    22. Power Factor Correction in Iwofe Injection Substation; Impact on the Distribution Network
    23. Evaluation of Implementation of an Acoustic Barrier in aWood Branch Company
    24. Reactive Power Compensation Study of Ikeja West 330kV Transmission Line for Improved Power Transmission
    25. influence of the positioning of shear wall on the stability analysis of diaphragm discontinuous structure
    26. Optimal Motion Planning for Minimizing Energy Consumption of Wheeled Mobile Robots
    27. Solution Checks By Mohr's Curvature System in Uni-axial Plate Buckling
    28. Applications of Three-Dimensional Discontinuous Deformation Analysis: A Review
    29. Is Solar Energy an Extraordinary Method to Replace Using Fossil Fuels to Generate Electrical for Public Residents in Hong Kong?