•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-9 ~ (September-2021)
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    01. Reducing the Impact of Toxicity of Refinery Effluent Using Seed Extract and Micro Porous Carbon from Seed husks of Moringa Oleifera
    02. Molarity Dependent Structural and Dielectric Behavior of Calcium Titanate Ceramics
    03. Effect of Concrete Type on the Structural Behavior of Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Coupled Beams
    04. Dark Current in Liquid and Electric Energy
    05. Analysis of Clean Water Service Performance of the Kotabaru Pamsimas Program
    06. Effect of Rice Husk Ash on the Sorptivity of Concrete
    07. Minimum Service of Pedestrian Facilities Based On Perception of the Trip Maker in Banjarmasin
    08. Lecturer Quality Assessment In Online Learning: Study Case In The Pre Pandemic Period
    09. Customer Satisfaction one-Commerce: A Study Focus in Kathmandu
    10. Study of Understanding the Procurement Process of Goverment Good/Services Based On Presidential Regulation Number 16 of 2018 in Tapin Regency
    11. Improvement of the Electric Power Utilization for Rumuogba Area in Port Harcourt, Rivers State using Power Capacitor
    12. The steps of the colonial conquest of the country Alima-Léfini (Congo) XIX th -XXth centuries
    13. Modeling of Wax Deposition in Crude Oil Pipeline Using Simulation
    14. Expert System a Modern Tool for Teaching and Learning
    15. The perspectives of the vine suppot systems developing – the introduction of the mobility
    16. Monitoring Load Balancing Server E-learning Unisbank Menggunakan Metode Round Robin
    17. The Analysis Of Factors Of Passengers' Desires In Using Intracity And Intercity Public Transportation Of Banjarmasin