•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-8 ~ (August-2021)
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    01. Appraising The Challenges Faced By Informal Settlement Settlers In Planned Neighborhood Development Of Eagle Island, Port Harcourt
    02. Laboratory Investigation of Slag Mix Cement Slurry for Improved Well Completion Performance
    03. Ground Station Design for Satellite and Space Technology Development
    04. Coverage and Data Rate Analysis of Indoor Positioning System Using Ekahuartls
    05. Study of Implementation of Duties and Authorities of Users and Construction Service Providers in Construction Safety Management Systems in Government Construction Works in South Borneo
    06. Improved Lightning Protection for Low Voltage Power System using Equipotential Bonding Technique
    07. DE-Chroming Chrome Tanned Tannery Solid Waste With Saccharomycescerevisiae
    08. The Importance of Network Security in Control System with PID Controller
    09. Digital Post Data Processing for Increased Reactivity in Neural Networks
    10. Decision Support System for Conflicting Criteria on The Best Performing Employees Selection Using VIKOR
    11. Analysis of a DC Motor fed by an Asymetrical single-phase bridge rectifier
    12. Performance comparison of single-phase-to-single-phase converter and three-phase to three-phase converter with a resistive load
    13. Impact of the Quality of Financial Statements on the Performance Accountability of Local Governments
    14. The Impact of Offshore Seismic Studies on the Marine Environment
    15. Empirical Design of a Batch Scale Convective Dryer for Sliced Plantain Fruits Using Sawdust-Based Furnace
    16. Effectiveness of Reinforcement Plates Pertaining To Pressure Equipment
    17. Use of Eye Tracking Technology to Evaluate an UAV Operator's Attention Distribution during Training
    18. Lego Education and use of STEAM methodology in teaching History
    19. Load Reliability Assessment Analysis for Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Port Harcourt, Using Analytical Method
    20. Evaluation of Rain Cell Size Distribution Pattern on Signal Transmission
    21. Experimental Investigation on Effect of Magnetic Field on Migration and Removal of Pollutant from Groundwater Using Steam Injection
    22. Corrosion Probability Assessment of Reinforced Steel Bar Using Wenner Technique
    23. Residual Yield Strength Capacity of Reinforcing Steel Bar Exposed to Corrosive Media
    24. The Use of Websites and Facebook in Greek and French Breweries
    25. Schematic suggestion of two-layer coating system for controlling corrosional toxicity of titanium dioxide from dental implant fixture
    26. Web-Based Alumni Tracking Application Using Laravel Framework
    27. Developing Information Retrieval System For Indonesian Quran Translation Using Vector Space Model (VSM)
    28. Application of Modified Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) Structures for Notch Band in Ultra-Widebend Antennas
    29. New business and operating models under Industry 4.0 paradigm to boost industrial Process Optimization. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)
    30. Decision Analysis Model for Optimizing the Operation of Refrigeration Compressor Units
    31. Assessment of Hue Transformation Algorithms For SSLCS Studies
    32. Improving the Insulation System of Service Transformers Using Artificial Intelligence Technique
    33. Modelling the Chloride Induced Strength Loss Index of Periwinkle and Clam Shell Ash Hybridized Pozzolan in Concrete
    34. Astrophysical Field Drive Propulsion -Its Conceptual Design for Development
    35. Assessment of Compliance With NR 18: Development and Application of the Checklist due to the Supervision and Penalty of NR 28
    36. Nutritional characterization of canistel (Pouteria campechiana) and sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) chips
    37. Petrochemical Characterization and Geotechnical Evaluation of Syenite Rock Samples FromIgarra, Southwestern Nigeria
    38. Margolus-Levitin Theorem Applied To Electromagnetic Waves
    39. A brief review of beta tricalcium phosphate (β -TCP) doped with metal ions
    40. Aconcept of Technological and Managerial Complexity of Project Management in Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Pakistan