•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-7 ~ (July-2021)
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    01. Risk Analysis Contruction Infrastructure Incinerator Tpa Basirih In Banjarmasin City
    02. Comparison of Education Concepts in Indonesia with Germany: Comparative Analysis of Educational Purpose and Education Levels
    03. Synthesis and Characterization of Dissperse Dyes Derived from Methyl 2-amino-4-[(4-chlorophenyl)carbamoyl]-5-methylthiophene-3-carboxylate, their complexation with metal and Their Application Properties on Polyester and Nylon 6.6 fabrics
    04. Study of Development Disabilities Friendly Building
    05. A Baseline Knowledge on FMEA, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis on 365KVA Pump Station Generator
    06. A New Type of Nail for Wooden Structures with Increased Resilience
    07. Technology Valuation Thermometer - TVT: A valuation method for technologies in the Brazilian scenario
    08. Development of Digital Learning Devices Oriented On Realistic Mathematics Education to Increase Visual Thinking Ability of Senior High School Students Yapim Taruna Marelan
    09. Compressed Air Energy Storage System
    10. Prediction of Shear Strength and Water Absorption of Laterite–Quarry Dust Concrete
    11. Design and Sensitivity Investigation of Microring Resonator at Different Wavelengths and Gaps
    12. 3D Food Printing
    13. Expert Decision-Making Systems
    14. On the Possibility of Electrostatic Transformation by Anisotropic Dielectric Environment
    15. Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Dependency on Geographical Location
    16. Uses of Extract Moringa Oleifera Seed in Treatment of Surface Water in UYO
    17. Study of Flood Management Due to Rainfall on Drainage Network System in Residential Area (Case Study: Cempaka Sub District, Banjarbaru City, South Borneo)
    18. Strategies for Increasing Community Participation in the Kotaku Program In Banjarbaru Selatan District
    19. Customer Acquisition Strategies and Performance of Microfinance Institutions. A Rwandan View Point And Experience
    20. Improved Lightning Protection for Low Voltage Power System using Equipotential Bonding Technique
    21. Highly doped N type nc-SiGe:H deposited in a low frequency PECVD system at 200ºC
    22. A Conceptual Model of Factors Influencing Intention to Use Virtual Store
    23. Modeling The Timing And Amount Of Drainage Water Under Turf Grass Water Use Atfour Golf Courses In Logan, Utah (Usa) Under Non-Weighing Lysimeters
    24. Analysis Of Service Quality Of Simple Rent Flat In Banjarmasin (Case Study Of Simple Rent Flat Ganda Magfirah In South Kelayan)
    25. BIM Based on Structural Framework to Generate Quotation
    26. Novel Design method for multistatic radar radiolocation system