•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-6 ~ (June-2021)
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    01. Impact of Infill Approach to Sustainable Urban Environment Development
    02. Effect Of Organic Modification On The Structural And Adsorptive Properties Of A Nigerian Ajegunle Natural Clay And Its Application For Removal Of Lead And Nickel
    03. A Comparative Study on the Mechanical Behaviour of Copper-12wt% Aluminium Alloy Reinforced with Ti, Cr and Ni Granules
    04. Solid State Transformer (SST) For Smart Application in Power System
    05. Comparison Between Traditional and Modern Architectural Identity
    06. Equation tree or ABL tree to represent data with high security
    07. Direct Visualization of Covalent Chemical Bonds in Crystalline Silicon
    08. ABCT Operating system with Half to First scheduling and Interrupt Generate Tasks
    09. Improving Power System Stability in Distribution Network with Intelligent Distributed Generation Scheme
    10. Evaluation of the Hybrid Pneumatic Vehicles According To a Standard Driving Cycle
    11. Preliminary Scaling Relations of Moment Magnitude With Local Magnitude And Seismic Moment, For Albania
    12. Development Of An Internet Of Things(IOT) Based Industrial Security And Safety System Using Arduino
    13. Operational Station Horizontal Plane Motion Maneuvering of FPSO in Shallow and Deep Water
    14. Building an EEG-based BCI systems for Remote Device Control using CNN network
    15. A "Specific" Drone for Night Time Aerial Wildfire Fighting & Drugs Plantations Fumigation
    16. Improvement of Power Systems Protection Using Application of Artificial Neural Network. A Case of Rukpokwu 33kv Port Harcourt Distribution Network
    17. Vibration Signature Analysis of One Cylinder Engine
    18. Application of Migration in Areas of Complex Geology: Case Study of parts of Basement Complex of Northern Nigeria
    19. Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil Spill Sites in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria
    20. The Effect of Think-Pair-Share Type of Cooperative Learning Model Associated With Autograph Software Media on Mathematic Problem Solving Ability of Students in Unggul Subulussalam State Senior High School
    21. The effect of smoke evacuation system on sprinkler performance in Conference Halls by using CFD programs
    22. Use Alfalfa Grown On Contaminated Land as an Energy Crop For Biogas Production
    23. Strategic Approach based on Cybersecurity for National Educational System
    24. Effect of storage duration on the acid value stability of sesamum indicum and arachis hypogaea raw oils reinforced with TBHQ and capsicum annuum extracts
    25. Development Of Predictive Model For Heavy Metals In Soil Of Lagos State University, Lagos State, Nigeria Using Response Surface Design