•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-5 ~ (May-2021)
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    01. Copolymerization of (P-Chlorophenoxycarbonyl)-Cyclopropyl Styrene with Styrene and Methyl Methacrylate
    02. Assessment of Oil Spillage on Groundwater and Soil Quality In Ijegun Area Of Lagos State, Nigeria
    03. A Comparison of Characteristics of 4D 2FSK-MPSK and 2D MPSK Signals
    04. About Moving the Boat through A River
    05. Obtaining and characterization of hydroxyapatite through the modified polymeric percursors method
    06. Sensitivity Analysis of Pressure Gauges Used in Niger Delta For Effective Pressure Measurements for Drilling Operations, Reservoir Data Analysis and Well Testing
    07. Thermal - Decomposition and Conversion of Plastic Wastes to Diesel Fuel
    08. Free Span Analysis of an Offshore Pipeline in the Gulf of Guinea
    09. Measurement and Evaluation of Earthing Parameters for Improved RSU Injection Substation Using Polynomial Technique
    10. Determination of Drying Mass Constants of Selected Fruits Using Empirical Method
    11. Design of A Microcontroller Based Mobile Security Lighting Control System
    12. Effect of Bamboo Ash on Moisture Damage in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Concrete
    13. The Use of Red Fruit Dregs Supplementation to Physical and Chemical Quality of Quail Egg
    14. Total Quality Management – An Instrument for Improving Organizational Efficiency
    15. The Effects Of Calliandra Leaf Addition As Tanin And Myristic Acid Sources In Complete Feed Based On Corn Straw To Volatile Fatty Acid Partial Concentration And Ammonia Concentration (Nh3) In Vitro
    16. The Effect of Teak Leaf Extract (Tectona grandis Linn. f) on Feed to Laying Quails
    17. Evaluation of pipeline flanges subject to internal pressure and imposed external loads
    18. Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Heavy Vehicle Dynamics Loads on Terrain
    19. Reducing Waste In Plastic Seed Cleaning Process in Injection Machine with Design of Experiment Method
    20. Inclusion Effect of Teak Leaf Extract (Tectona grandis Linn.f) on The Laying Quail Feed to The Intestinal Characteristics
    21. Difficulty Analysis of Mathematic Problem Solving and Mathematic Communication with the Application of Learning Models Tapps (Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving)
    22. An Optimized security service to cloud with high performance Architecture
    23. Recognition of Antimicrobial Peptides by Neural Networks
    24. The projection of Smart city at the territorial level. The City's Ecosystem as Leverage
    25. Studying the Effects of Latex on Compressive Strength of Concrete
    26. High Voltage Direct Current, a Novel Technical Applied in Transmission Systems
    27. Investigation on the Antimicrobial Activity of Neem and Bush Cane Extracts on Emulsion Paint
    28. Optımızıng Hıgher Educatıon Wıth Economıc Layers
    29. Some Strategic Critical Sizes of China
    30. Identification and Reduction of Waste in an Industry (Ventura Leatherware Mfy Bd Ltd.) Using VSM (Value Stream Mapping) – A Case Study
    31. Study of Scattered Radiation Dose From Computed Tomography In Adamawa German Medical Centre, Yola, Nigeria
    32. Spatial Planning and Evaluation of Schools Distribution in the Eastern Unit - Port Sudan Locality - Red Sea State using GIS
    33. LEM Stability Analysis of Landslides Induced by Earthquakes: Impact of a Weak Layer
    34. Technical Diagnostics and Features of Measuring NPP Power Equipment Parameters
    35. Fault detection energetic approach through Directed Behavioral Hypergraph Formalism
    36. Upgrade Trans-Amadi 33kv Network For Protective Relay Coordination Using Short-Circuit Current Calculations Technique
    37. Optimizing Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP) Flooding Using Gum Arabic for Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Practical Approach to Advancing the Development of Local Material for Oil Field Chemicals in Nigeria
    38. The Creation of NSDI in Albania and Harmonization of Geospatial Data, Case Study: Geographical Names
    39. Effect of Storage Conditions on Physicochemical Parameters of Rain Water
    40. Island Operation during Integration of Wind Turbine: A Case Study of Geregu Camp Distribution Network In Ajaokuta Nigeria
    41. Effect of Capillary Pressure on Estimation of Relative Permeability Using JBN Method
    42. Abrasive Treatment of Iron, Copper and Aluminum Alloys in Aqueous Binary Solutions of Polyalkylene Glycol-Sodium Alkyl Sulfate
    43. Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester System
    44. The Relationship between the Teacher's Perspective and Development Continuing Professionalism at SD N 36 Cengkeh Padang
    45. Optimization of the Electrical Characteristics of the Photodiodes based on III-Sb Antimonide by a Ga1-yAly Sb Window layer Deposit at the Ga1-xInxSb Emitter Surface
    46. Private Costs and Benefits of Traditional and Improved Brick Kilns in An Giang Province, Vietnam
    47. Assessment of Non-Revenue Water Management Practices in Nigeria (A Case Study of Bauchi State Water and Sewerage Cooperation)