•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-3 ~ (March-2021)
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    01. Evaluation of Optimal Power Dispatch of the Nigerian Power System Using Particle Swarm Technique
    02. Canal surfaces and its application to the CAGD
    03. The Hypothetical Secondary Brain of the Excretory Apparatus
    04. Analyzing Student Enrollment at Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa (OGITECH)
    05. The Effects of Rice Husk Ash on Mechanical Properties of Mortar
    06. Effects of Prepayment Meters in the Low Voltage Distribution Network and On Electrical Energy Consumption in the City Of Kinshasa
    07. Analysis of Factors Affecting Maintenance Strategy Selection in NNPC Lokoja Pump Station in Kogi State
    08. The Relationship between Oil Price and Food Price in Nigeria (1995 -2015)
    09. In-plane Shear Properties of Glass Fiber Composite Laminates
    10. Computer Aided Design and Simulation of Aluminium 6082 as HDV Wheel
    11. Analysis Of The Determination Of Bridge Foundation For Easy Field Implementation With Value Engineering Method (Case Study On The Temunih River Bridge 2, Kusan Hulu District, Tanah Bumbu Regency)
    12. Factors Affecting the Delay of the Raw Water Intake Circular Installation Project
    13. A Comparative Analysis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Disease for Children using ML Approaches
    14. Estimation of Bivalent Iron Accumulation and the Associated Geoelectrical Footprints in Selected Transition Aquifers of Bayelsa State-Niger Delta, Southern Nigeria
    15. Hybrid Metaheurístic to Inventory Routing Problem
    16. Heat-Resistant Composition On The Basis Of New Epoxysulphoimide Resin of Branched Structure
    17. Loss Coefficients And Penalty Factor As Useful Tools In Coordinating Transmission Line Losses In The Optimal Scheduling Of Plants To Save Cost In Power System Operation
    18. Design and synthesis of the radiation pattern of the linear antenna arrays with parasitic monopole elements using a Dolph-Tchebychev method
    19. Analysis of Students 'Mathematic and Self-Efficacy Communication Ability in The Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving Learning Model
    20. An application of Ion Motion Optimization algorithm to the problem of finding DC motor controller parameters
    21. Electricity Safety Analysis on the Process of Replacing Find Insulator in Medium Voltage Network Pole Under Voltage Conditions
    22. Building Information Modeling Applications in Construction Management - A case study for modeling information and outcomes
    23. A Review of the Transport Behaviour of Solvents through Fiberglass-Epoxy-waste- Polypropylene Composites
    24. Battery Charger Based MPPT Technique For Photovoltaic Arrays