•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-2 ~ (February-2021)
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    01. Performance Analysis OFF GRID Solar Power Plant through Characteristic of Current – Voltage (I–V) Installation of Solar Power Plant OFF GRID PPSDM KEBTKE
    02. Fault Diagnosis in Wind Turbine Planetary Gearbox Using Vibration Time-Frequency Analysis Technique
    03. Research of Combined Building-Energy Systems
    04. Effect of Market Monopoly Power of Diversified Companies on Capital Structure and Speed of Capital Structure Adjustment
    05. Preliminary Design of Dynamic Positioning System for A Drillship
    06. Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism and Resolution of Contractual Disputes in Construction Industry: the case of Road Construction Projects in Kenya
    07. Department of Mathematics, University of Liberia The mathematics behind the Rayleigh waves
    08. Safety Climate and Safety Culture Policies of Construction Organisations in Nigeria
    09. Efficiency of Protein Extracted From Stored Moringa Oleifera Seed in Modifying the Physicochemical Properties of Water
    10. Tactical planning of the production of the manufacturer sector in a region southern of Colombia
    11. Study of Treatment Alternative of Water Pressure Requirement Fulfillment in Piping Networks in Bajuin District Capital Service of Pelaihari City
    12. Effects Of Extractıon From Compartment On Soıl Enzymes
    13. Discussion on the Construction and Operation Management Modes of Salt Cavern Gas Storage in China
    14. Analysis of Design Compatibility Based on Local Requirements and on State Building Construction Technical Guidance by the Ministry of Public Works Regulation (Case Study: Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan, Indonesia)
    15. Review Performance Analysis of the Ventilation System for the Hospital Operating Room
    16. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment of Human Factors/Ergonomics (HF/E) While Working from Home
    17. Mechanical behavior of TRC Fine Grained Concrete with short PP fiber exposed to high temperatures
    18. An Analysis of Adoption and Barriers to Implementation of Building Information Modeling in Ethiopian Construction Industry