•  Certificates: Volume-10 ~ Issue-12 ~ (December-2021)
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    01. Analysis of Construction Service User Satisfaction on Bridge Contractor Performance in Banjarmasin City
    02. Design of a Medium Velocity Spray System for the Storage of Petroleum Products
    03. Comparative Evaluation of Machine Learning Regression Algorithms for PM2.5 Monitoring
    04. Application of CFD Field to Reduce the Risk of Disease Transmission in Small Occupancy Ventilated Buildings
    05. Modern Design, Construction and Evaluation of A Magnetic Sieve Grinding Machine
    06. Analysis of Insulation Resistance and Oil Test of 3omva Reactor Transformer in Nigeria AGIP Oil Company, Obrikom
    07. Piezoelectricity for Transduction Applications
    08. Methods for Choosing Optimal Routes in the Free Routes Airspace
    09. Modeling Approach for Niger Delta Oil Formation Volume Factor Prediction using Support Vector Machine
    10. X-Raying Time Division Duplexing (TDD) in Long Term Evolution (LTE)
    11. Hydrogen Energy and the Prospect of Applying Hydrogen Energy Technologies in Vietnam
    12. Cybercrimeand Cryptocurrency
    13. A Robust Watermarking Algorithm for Adaptive Synchronization for OTT Services
    14. Risk Management in the Implementation of Store Building Construction in Populated Area
    15. Improving the Functional Performance Properties of Warp Knitted Advertising Banners with Digital Printing Technology
    16. Review of New Unitary Quantum Theory for Engeenering
    17. Methodology to Utilize New and Innovative Tools to Monitoring Potential Quantity of Soil Erosion in Badovc Lake
    18. Determination Of Reference Evapotranspiration For Albania
    19. One-Port Power Conservative Equivalent Circuit For Dc Networks With Dependent Current Sources
    20. The dysfunctions of construction project management in developing countries : the case of the republic of congo
    21. Impact of High Voltage Transmission on I2r Losses Using A Simplified ETAP Model
    22. System Design Approach for Layouts of an Industrial Park Development in a Developing Economy